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Monday, 28-Aug-2006 09:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

We are all winners!!!
Moi net mon supervisor
Me and the my poster/medal :D
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Pictures from PRPI. Congratulations, all. A little pat to self for bagging silver, heheheh...

Wednesday, 16-Aug-2006 01:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark

FSKTM Choir Group
Oh my God! We won!
Up on stage
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I haven't posted any pics for the longest time ever, but that was bcoz i had some problemo with my digital cam. But since our choir team came 2nd yesterday in the 'Pentandingan Koir & Nyanyian Merdeka' anjuran PKKSSAAS, I 'permanently borrowed' photos from Lia and placed them here heheh. To all members of the FSKTM choir group, Congratulations and I love you guys!

Wednesday, 1-Mar-2006 00:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bandung - Jakarta, Indonesia

KLIA - departing
Malaysian EduFair - Holiday Inn, Bandung
Potential students
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At last, I finally have something worth posting after being dormant for quite some time now. Last week, I went to Indonesia following my husband's out of state assignment at the Malaysian EduFair in Bandung and Jakarta. It was a blast. What I thought and how it made a lasting impression on me will not be discussed here, as I will write it in my blog. But the pics are arranged in chronicles of what happened here and there during the whole trip. Plus, they saya pic is worth a thousand words right? So no need for me to blab on, hehehe

Wednesday, 25-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
More Weddings

Tg and Amar
The gang
Still eating
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Last Saturday, we attended two wedding receptions. One was my old friend from K14,UPM, Tg Nurbaiti or better known as T.G. by us. She married Amar, also an ex-UPMer. Her reception was held at Dewan Akademi Percukaian Malaysia, which is also where she lives and works now. Saw some of my friends, Nora, Ijan, Rasis, K Vivi, Wan, Nasar, Mail, Hamka etc... A little reunion there. I was wondering whether Sake was coming or not coz I didn't see him. As told by him alter, he did come, around 4. No wonder. I was already off the another reception by then.

It was Leez's and Midid's wedding next. Leez is a friend of my husband who also work at GSO, UPM. Though I've only seen her a few times when I went to my husband's office, her husband sure looked familiar to me. And his name also rang a bell. I coulda sworn I've sen him from before, and sure right I was. We went to the same lower school together. D'uh. He didin't seem remember me at all, but never mind. He was the pengantin that day. Can't count on pengantin to remember you on his wedding day, right?

OKay, to both couple, though it's hardly likely you're reading this, congratulations!

Monday, 9-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My 2006 New Look

The new accessory
Cross sec - Me and my buddy at work
After (2006) - God, I've aged! I miss my youth! Waaa!!!
Glasses? Moi? Really? Apparently so. My eyesight has been giving my headcahes so here is my New Year Look. Not too late to mention happy new year to all, I hope.

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